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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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Get Involved

It's All About the Network

There are so many levels at which you can be involved with the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network. Whether you're an artist looking to expand your professional network, or an audience member who wants to be actively engaged with the creative community MARN has something to offer you!

Become a Member, Volunteer, or Donate!

E-mail Listserv

Powered through Yahoo!, the MARN Listerv was started in 2000 and has been gaining members ever since. Now with over 1,600 members, the it is a remarkable way to learn about what's happening in the arts in Milwaukee, and is a great way to spread the word about your own upcoming event! By joining the MARN Listserv Group, you begin receiving e-mails about exciting arts related events and news in the area. You can inform over 1,600 people about your event or news by simply sending out an e-mail to

Ready to Join? Send an e-mail to We will approve you within a day.