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MARN Mentors

2015 MARNmentors Program

MARNmentors pairs an established and emerging artist in a six-month mentorship. Within these exchanges, mentors help protégées develop project goals and overcome personal barriers that the protégée may identify. The hope is to empower and give accountability to the partnership so that 1) the mentor feels free to give aesthetic, moral and concrete support based on their experience; and 2) the protégée is able to hold themselves accountable to their own goals. Selected protégées are pursuing a career in the arts or must be in their final semester of their degree.

Thank you to the Brico Fund for their generous support to make 2015 MARNmentors possible.

2015 Mentors

Visual Artists

  • Portia Cobb - film; video art
  • Raoul Deal - community artist, printmaker
  • Barbara J. Miner - social justice photographer, journalist
  • Thomas Hellstrom - installation, photography
  • Della Wells - mixed media collage
  • Jason S. Yi - interdisciplinary media, sculpture


  • Nikki Janzen - spoken word, poetry
  • Noel Pabillo Mariano - creative writing

Program Details

The program includes:
• one-on-one feedback sessions once a month in-person with your mentor
• monthly check-ins via email, phone, or in-person as needed with the MARNmentors program coordinator
• an end-of-program exhibition of both your and your mentor’s work
• a short written reflection based on your experience working within the mentorship

If accepted, mentees will be required to pay a program fee of:
• $100 or
• $50 with 10 volunteer hours
(Need-based arrangements are available for individuals who cannot pay the fee)

Why MARNmentors?

MARN has created MARNmentors for visual artists, literary artists, filmmakers, composers and arts administrators in order to strengthen the network of support for artists, provide in-depth professional resources and contribute to the health of Wisconsin's arts community. MARN serves as a liaison between established working artists and administrators and those who are pursuing a career in the arts. Several established arts professionals with a proven track record of professionalism and who have a desire to pass on their knowledge to developing artists, have been selected as Mentors.