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Salon II Purview

Salon II: Free Money

"The current state of contemporary art is rudderless. Like much else
in our global world, the free market economy has cracked open the
potential of goods, products, wares, articles, and merchandise. As we
know the cultural world is not immune to exchange, distribution and
consumption. Museums and galleries play host to a display of
imaginative forms that have cultural and material value. As an artist
and critic, I am never comfortable making this direct analogy between
the cultural world and market economies. However, the upside is that
art practices have diversified. The contemporary art world no longer
champions one official language, instead it will consider all forms of
production. Craft is no longer relegated to the craft world. Graphic
design, or forms of social practice can make their ways into
galleries, museums and on to the covers of the leading art
periodicals. This is a good thing but it makes criticism difficult."

Michelle Grabner


On guest curator Michelle Grabner:

Recently named as curator for the 2014 Whitney Bienniel and by Newcity Arts as one of Chicago’s most influential artists and mentors, artist, curator and writer Michelle Grabner is Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Painting and Drawing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a visiting Professor/Core Critic at Yale University in the department of Painting and Printmaking, and a Senior Critic at the University of Pennsylvania Fine Arts Department. Grabner is co-founder and operator of the Suburban and the Poor Farm, both acclaimed artist project spaces in the Chicago area. Selections from her expansive body of work were recently curated by John Reippenhoff and featured in the Michelle Grabner: The Inova Survey exhibition (Inova, MKE). Selections from her extensive curatorial history include: Twenty-Five Years of Talent (Marianne Boesky Gallery, 63rd street, NYC); PICTURING THE STUDIO- co-curated with Annika Marie (Sullivan Galleries, SAIC), The Believers (Hudson Franklin Gallery, NYC), and Moreover: Practicing Representation and Abstraction (BAC Chicago). For more information on Grabner’s resume and personal practice, visit her website at