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Arts in Milwaukee

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MARN writers

Upcoming MARN Writers

We are currently planning the next gathering so stay tuned. It wil be running in January.

To reserve your spot and for more information, contact Dominic Inouye at


MARNwriters is a monthly workshop series tailored to meet the needs of participants.  While it will occasionally feature traditional sharing and feedback, the workshops will focus on developing participants’ writing muscles through engaging exercises, sharing resources and a calendar of writing-related events, opportunities for publishing and/or performing writing, and, most of all, a safe and supportive space to write.  MARNwriters participants co-create our activities, and a special guest author at the end of each year is the highlight of our time together.

A $40/year MARN membership* is required to participate, but the first workshop is free!

Contact Dominic Inouye at or 414-339-9489 for more information.