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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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Member Resources

Resource is our middle name!  Over the years we've heard time and time again "where can I get...?" "or who do I call for....?"

For a lot of things MARN is your answer. Professional Development workshops, exhibition & presentation opportunities, plus all kinds of tools.  When you become a MARNmember you get access to all the resources listed on this page simply by showing your valid membership card. 

For the things we just can't offer we've assembled this guide which you can navigate through the menu bar to your left.  If you know of a resource we should list here please let us know by emailing

Introducing The Art Supply Food Pantry!

The recession has hit our segment of the economy particularly hard, and while there are glimmers of recovery we know some of you are hurting pretty bad, badly enough that you don't have enough to buy art supplies and subsequently you've stopped producing work, which makes you depressed, and so on...

So, MARN is starting a "Food Pantry" but with art materials.  If you have something to give please bring it to MARN, 5407 W. Vliet St., during our gallery hours Thursday/Friday from noon-7 and Saturday from 10-4.  We will be collecting materials continuously staring now.  Then, in a few weeks when we have some stock, I will invite those of you who have a need to come on down.

We would prefer if you were a member to take advantage of this offer, so if you're strapped for cash and can't pay your dues consider taking some volunteer hours to pay for that membership, plus volunteering here is a great way to meet new folks!

Resource Center

MARN's resource center is available for use to MARN members. Our resources include:

  • Computer work stations for member use
  • A professional matt cutter (please bring your own blades)

Discount Program

As a MARN member you receive a discount on the following (must present your valid membership card to receive discount)

  • MARN workshops (discount varies)
  • Utrecht Art Supplies.