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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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Special Thanks

The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network would like to thank all of our generous supporters!

Major Supporters

Greater Milwaukee Foundation Greater Milwaukee Foundation

$500 - $999

Joel Glovacki

Sara Daleiden, President, Friends of Blue Dress Park

$100 - $249

Stephen P. Adams

Racine Art Museum Racine Art Museum

Melissa Dorn Richards

Bernie JBaines

Pegi Christiansen

Caitlin Driver

susan Berce

Rickard Hokans

Nina Ghanbarzadeh

Mark Stall

Leslie Fedorchuk

Steven Kaishian

Colette Lousberg

Kerry Ramsden

Jacqueline Haessly

Support the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

By supporting the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network you are ensuring the healthy future of our city's culture driven economy and the creatives who work to make it a reality.

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