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Arts in Milwaukee

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MARN membership

What is MARN membership?

Becoming a MARN member means you are financially supporting the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network’s efforts to fulfill its mission while personally and professionally declaring that the arts in Milwaukee are important! Anyone can become a MARN member!

For $40 a year you receive:

How can I tell if I’m a MARN member?

Click LOG IN in the top right corner of the page. You will be prompted to enter your e-mail and password. Can't remember your password? Click the RESET MY PASSWORD button.

Once logged in, click MANAGE ACCOUNT then on the MEMBERSHIP tab. Here you will be able to see if you are a paid MARN member, and when your membership subscription will expire. You will also receive automatic e-mails letting you know when you can renew.

Don’t have a profile? Then you are not a paid MARN member.

How do I join or renew if I already have a profile?

Log in to your profile, click MANAGE ACCOUNT then click the MEMBERSHIP tab. Here you will be able to join or renew with a credit card. 

We accept checks payable to MARN as well. Send them to MARN at 207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 600 Milwaukee, WI 53202. We will update your online profile for you and send you an e-mail confirmation. Be sure to include your full name and your e-mail address along with your check.

How do I become a member if I don't have a profile?


Click this link and follow the steps to become a member!