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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network relies on a pool of deeply committed volunteers. The reality is that we cannot execute all the programs, services, and events without the dedication of people just like you.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Event Photographer: Be our Event Photographer and capture joyous and notable moments at various MARN events throughout the year.

Event Support: Help us throw special events like annual exhibitions and quarterly MARNconnects to get more involved with the arts in Milwaukee!

Graphic Designer: Be our Graphic Designer and help brand events, membership and MARN itself!

Summer 2018 Intern: Apply to become a MARN Intern to grow your network of Milwaukee creatives and learn more about the inner workings of arts in Milwaukee.

ListServ Admin: Help us monitor our ListServ and learn what's happening in the arts in Milwaukee! MARN’s ListServ has more than 1,600 members sending and receiving emails daily.

Marketing Manager: Be our Marketing Manager to help enhance our marketing strategies and grow our reach.

Social Media Manager: Be our Social Media Manager and help spread the word about MARN events, MARNmembers, and local and national arts opportunities.

Social Media Teammate: Be a part of our Social Media Team to help spread the word about our events, MARNmembers, and local and national arts opportunities.

Street Team Member: Be a part of MARN’s Street Team and help spread the word about MARN events by distributing flyers, posters and postcards, or just by word of mouth!

Volunteer Coordinator: Be our Volunteer Coordinator and supervise our team of volunteers, assign and oversee volunteer positions and operations.

Website Manager: Be our Website Manager and keep Milwaukee artists and collectors informed of local art events, how they can become involved with MARN and the benefits of joining MARN!

Workshop Facilitator: Help MARN facilitate Professional Development Workshops. Workshops are scheduled year round and help artists advance their professional practice to move from emerging to established.

How to Apply

Interested in filling one of the positions above? Just fill out our Volunteer / Intern Application and submit it to We will contact you shortly after receiving your application to request a meeting to discuss how we can work together!