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How To...

Post to Arts Calendar

To submit an event to the Arts Calendar, sign into your account. Click here to fill out the form for FREE.

Post to Classifieds

To submit spaces, materials, and opportunities to the Classifieds, sign into your account. Click here to fill out the form for FREE.

Create your Portfolio

Your ArtsInMilwaukee.org profile is managed by the menu bar at the very top of the page when logged into your account. Your two main editing pages are "MANAGE ACCOUNT" (where you edit information about you) and "MANAGE PORTFOILO" (where you edit information about your work).

After clicking "MANAGE ACCOUNT," you will see a second menu with options "ME, MEMBERSHIP, PROFICIENCIES, and NEWS." This is what you can find under each:

  • ME: Update your name, contact information, bio, artist statement, social sites and your profile photo.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Update your membership level and make donations to MARN here.
  • PROFICIENCIES: List your proficiencies here.
  • NEWS: List a recent article online that mentions you!

To upload your art onto your portfolio, click "MANAGE PORTFOLIO" on the main menu bar and follow the instructions. MARNmembers Creative Class and above can upload as many images, videos or music clips to thier portfolio as they want, but free members only get one sample.

Gain Referral Rewards

If you have been referred to MARN by a friend and sign up for membership, email the name of the MARNmember who referred you to michele@artsinmilwaukee.org and they could get their next membership free!

Update your Membership

To update your membership, login to your ArtsInMilwaukee.org portfolio and click "Manage Account." In the second menu bar that opens underneath, click "Membership." There you can see how many days you have before your membership expires. You can also choose your membership level and pay.

MARNmembership lasts for one year from the date of purchase. We will make sure to email you when your membership is about to expire. Don't let your benefits lapse for even one day!

Access Member Discounts

When you sign up for membership at Innovator level or above, we will activate all of the discounts listed below. The best part about our Member Discount program is that it is constantly improving and adding more value to your membership! Check back here for additional discounts monthly.

Here are the discounts that are currently in effect: 

Reset your Password

If you can't login to your ArtsInMilwaukee.org portfolio, go through the process of resetting your password.


Get more out of your profile by becoming a MARNmember by registering online!

We also accept checks payable to MARN. Send them to MARN at 207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 600 Milwaukee, WI 53202. We will update your online profile for you and send you an e-mail confirmation. Be sure to include your full name, e-mail address and a memo (that reads Membership: Membership Level) along with your check.