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New Structure

MARN's New Membership Structure Adds Value

The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network is pleased to announce the launch of a new membership structure that increases everyday value to members, improves online experiences for creatives, creative businesses and art patrons alike, and streamlines both new and current services.

We have been working hard to streamline the flow of information on our website regarding members, membership, programs, opportunities and resources. These updates not only help creatives find the resources they need, but also help art patrons and creative businesses connect with emerging and established MARN members who provide a plethora of self-defined creative services.

MARN’s new membership structure is poised to amplify Milwaukee’s creative economy through our Fiscal Receivership & Micro-Fellowship programs. Fiscal Receiverships help creatives promote projects and receive grants and tax-deductible contributions that are normally available only to non-profit organizations, whereas Micro-Fellowships act similarly to Kickstarter fundraising with a few key differences.

MARN is also excited to partner with numerous local businesses including Prime Digital Media, Valentine Coffee Company and Bodyworks Massage Brookfield to revive our Membership Discount program. The discount program provides deep discounts on supplies and lifestyle activities that creatives require every day.

What does this mean for current MARNmembers?

If you are a current member of MARN’s Creative Class, you will now receive Creator benefits (plus any grandfathered discounts from pervious membership arrangements). Keep your current MARNcard to continue receiving discounts.

Upgrade to be an Innovator at the discounted rate of $30, or upgrade to a Innovator Household membership at the discounted rate of $40 through August 1, 2016. 

If you are a current member of MARN’s Creative Spark, Muse or Benefactor Class, you will now receive Patron & Creative Businesses benefits. We will send you a NEW MARNcard to activate all of the wonderful discounts you will receive from the retailers listed above (plus look out for additional discounts coming soon).

To upgrade your membership, contact MARN's Operations Director at 414.604.6276.

LOVE your new membership benefits? Show us the LOVE by donating to MARN today!

What does this mean for non-MARNmembers?

Join today at the level of your choosing and start taking advantage of all of the new MARNmember benefits today!

Click here to see the New Membership Structure & Benefits

A few key differences you might notice immediately:

We are proud to partner with local businesses to reinstate MARN's Member Discount Program in order to impact your bottom line! Please keep an eye out for a survey we will be sending to find out what discounts might make the biggest difference in your life, and we will continue to build discounts for supplies and lifestyle activities that you NEED!

MARN has recently launched a new Fiscal Receivership program to help your projects solicit and receive grants and tax-deductible contributions that are normally available only to 501(c)(3) organizations. Read more here.

MARN is launching a NEW Curated Listserv that will provide exclusive exhibition and employment opportunities for Creators and above.

Free member portfolios will no longer be visible on To enhance the experience of art patrons and creative businesses looking for local artists and artwork, and to provide more exclusive opportunities to MARNmembers, only portfolios of members Creator and above will be visible.

MARN’s original free Yahoo!Groups ListServ will no longer be curated. Please read our new ListServ Guide before participating.

We’re extremely proud of our new membership structure and would love to have you join us! Not only so you can take advantage of MARN’s newly enhanced community and benefits, but also because your support is critical to our being able to continue to support, promote and enhance the creative community of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Please feel free to call me at 414.604.6276 if you have any questions.

Very truly yours,

Michele St. Amour
Operations Director