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Fine Art for sale: “Sunshine Bandit” by John L. Doyle, 1974 | 3 ft x 4 ft, four-color, hand printed Stone lithograph, from MIAD 1975 auction fundraiser

“Sunshine Bandit” from Cowboys series, 1974,
by American artist John L. Doyle.
Signed in pencil by the artist. (John L. Doyle, 1939-2010)

I bought this 3-ft x 4-ft, four-color, hand printed stone lithograph at a mid-1970s fundraising auction for the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). Mr. Doyle had donated this Printers Proof to the school’s auction. Mr. Doyle is in numerous public and private collections.

Roland Poska’s fine art publishing company, Fishy Whale Press printed this stone lithograph for Mr. Doyle. Fishy Whale Press attracted fine artists from all across America.
Roland Poska (1938-2017) was a Co-founder of MIAD, and Head of Printmaking, 1974-1976. He excelled in a long career as an artist, printer, and creator of handmade papers. His works are in numerous public and private collections.
(This fine art lithograph needs new glass for the frame.)

414 964-5512, Richard Prestor, Bay View.
Call if you would like to see this lithograph in person.

Posted by: Richard Klatte Prestor

Richard Klatte Prestor
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