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Arts in Milwaukee

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Position Organization Location Date

Intro to Drawing Class Beki Borman Studios Bay View Hide Hide, 2625 S. Greeley St. 3Q, Milwaukee 12/27/11

Learn the basics of drawing from observation! Working from still life, students will learn how to study form, space, and value with the intent to create a representative drawing. Basic techniques of blending, shading, and cross hatching will be covered. This class will also teach you how to respond to…

Intro to Oil Painting Class Beki Borman Studios Bay View Hide Hide, 2625 S. Greeley St. 3Q, Milwaukee 11/29/11

Here is your chance! Join me for a Saturday of oil painting. We will cover the basics of materials, preparation, and application techniques in this starter workshop. Class sizes are small and casual. This is a great opportunity to give it a try without an intense…

Show your artwork in our Venue Hotwater/Wherehouse Nightclub & Rental Venue 818 South Water Street (historic 19th Century location) 11/15/11

We would like to coordinate a rotation with local artists to place their selected pieces on display in our rental venue thereby giving them the opportunity to connect with our clientele.…

Film / Fundraising / Marketing Last House Productions Milwaukee, WI 11/10/11

The award-winning filmmakers of LAST HOUSE PRODUCTIONS are seeking a concentrated team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to assist in and lead a crusade to secure funding for their latest film endeavor. This is a chance for film enthusiasts and aspiring development personnel to be part of a worthy artistic…