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Website that offers information and tutoring in Philosophy Articles in Ancient Philosophy Milwaukee, WI and the world 2/21/12

High quality articles make up a great educational and developmental site for those interested in philosophy. Also offers tutoring to anyone interested in developing their background in this area, You may review the site here:http://arlieferguson.wordpress.com/…

Gallery Openings Available Art Guild of Menomonee Falls Menomonee Falls 2/18/12

The Art Guild of Menomonee Falls has a great opportunity for Artists to occupy a gallery space without a long term commitment. low rent, no commisions, and a chance to experience a gallery setting. Intrested? Questions? Contact "Janet Hudachek" , or "Peter Zielinski" Check out more details on artguildmf.org …

Help Fund our Film Last House Productions Milwaukee, WI - Portland, ME 2/15/12

Hello Milwaukeeans and beyond! I am excited to tell you about Neptune, a new feature film that I am producing for the award-winning company Last House Productions. As with Last House Productions’ previous films I Want You To Know and The Bully, Neptune takes an inventive, immediate approach to cinema. Set…

Freelance Design Freelance Milwaukee, WI 2/14/12

Hi, My name is Kraig Przybylski and I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. I am looking for any and all freelance design jobs to help expand my portfolio.Just e-mail me at kraigprzybylski@gmail.com and I will get back to you ASAP.…