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Call for Artists, Designers & Performers! | We Dig The Underground

National indie arts organization RAW:natural born artists is seeking local talented artists in film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hairstyling, makeup artistry, photography and accessories.

RAW is accepting submissions to hand-select and spotlight these talents for the 2013 Milwaukee season. Currently booking the March and April showcases in downtown Milwaukee.

RAW operates in 60 cities nationwide, including Brisbane Austraila!
RAW's mission is to provide tools and resources for independent artists through online marketing and features, monthly grassroots showcase events and media kits. Selected RAW artists receive all of the above and also have an opportunity to showcase their work anywhere in the nation.

If you or someone you know is talented, creative and deserves the spotlight. . .

SUBMIT YOUR WORK here: www.RAWartists.org/register

WATCH A PAST SHOWCASE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ8aXsgKPwk&list=PL4FB191FA63EE41B5&index=1


If interested please submit a profile to our website!

Posted by: Kara Coraci

Kara Coraci
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