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Call For Photographers! Archetype Drift: A Call for New Methods of Photographic Making | A Juried Photographic Exhibition Curated by Jason Lazarus

Filter Photo is pleased to announce an open call for photographic work for a juried exhibition, “Archetype Drift.” Filter’s 4th juried exhibition will run concurrently with the Society for Photographic Education’s (SPE) 2013 National Conference. The exhibition will be held at Johalla Projects, a gallery located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, and will run March 4th - March 23rd, with an opening reception on March 6th. Archetype Drift will be juried by artist, curator, writer, and educator Jason Lazarus.

Submit here: http://www.filterfestival.com/archetype-drift-juried-exhibition/

February 4th: Deadline for submissions
Mid-February: Entrants are notified of juror’s decision
March 4th: Exhibition opens
March 6th: Opening reception
March 23rd: Exhibition closes

Theme: Archetype Drift
"The illiterate of the future will be the person ignorant of the use of the camera as well as the pen." -Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Photography can be a painful mirror.
Because of its illustrative tendencies and mnemonic capacities, photography enables us to tell the stories we want to tell with a hammer that is the frame. What happens when the medium gets in the way of the most important narratives?

Photography can be a seductive enabler that, at its worst, allows us to fetishize, beautify, and conduct shallow investigations. Meanwhile, paradigmatic changes in history and culture metastasize alongside new technological ways to make, edit, and distribute images. Are photographers pushing envelopes of meaning and relevance? Are they even keeping pace?

With the ubiquity of images high and low, how does an image-maker create cultural value in 2013?

Archetype Drift is a call for new methods of photographic making, editing, and presentation. It is a call for risk taking, chance operations, relabeling, and letting go of the comfortable. It is in itself an experiment and a (momentary) mirror.

All types of photographic and lens-based work will be considered, including video and GIFs. The entry fee is $25 for 3 submissions with the option of $5 for each additional submission (max. 6 total). Digital files should be saved as JPEGs and sized at 72 dpi and 700 pixels for the longest edge. All files must be titled with last name and first initial of the artist, plus the image number, (e.g. SmithJ1.jpg or DoeJ1.jpg.) Video submissions must be provided via a working link to view online.

To register for the exhibition and submit your work, please complete the form located on Filter’s website: http://www.filterfestival.com/archetype-drift-juried-exhibition/. Only submissions made using this form will be considered.

Entrants will be informed of the juror’s decision in mid-February. There is no commission on artwork, and artists will receive 100% of any sales.

Posted by: Filter Photo

Filter Photo
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