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Call for Work: "Cultural Connections: Afterlife" | Display your artwork at the Medical College of Wisconsin!

MCW's Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is seeking Milwaukee artists of Latin American, Pacific Island, or Native American descent to participate in a two-part exhibition opportunity at MCW. "Cultural Connections: Afterlife" reflects on the concepts surrounding end-of-life and the afterlife to be display both in the ODI office and as part of a larger MCW event.

Criteria is as follows:
-Work which matches this theme
-2D (drawing, painting, photography, printmaking)
-Work is available for display for the duration of the exhibition/event
-Work is ready to hang (dry, framed if appropriate, hanging hardware)

To apply, email the following to bbaurichter@mcw.edu by 8/31/2017:
-Subject line "Cultural Connections: Afterlife Submission"
-Contact information (name, email, phone, website)
-Up to 3 images (JPG format, +1 detail shot each if desired)
-Image details (title, dimensions, medium, year, price or NFS)
-Artist Statement (1 short paragraph)
-Artwork Description (1-5 sentences of how work fits the theme)

*You may list your work for sale if desired and MCW will NOT take any commission from your work. All sales will be directly through the artist.

Exhibition Description:
End-of-life, end-of-life care, and the afterlife are deeply significant across the globe, yet many cultures maintain widely different social practices around these events. Cultural Connections: Afterlife, reflects on these concepts to build a bridge of empathy and sensitivity between MCW and the communities we serve during such sensitive times in family and community relations.

Posted by: Brianna Lynn Hernandez Baurichter

Brianna Lynn Hernandez Baurichter
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