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Master Studio with Tom Uttech | Explore unusual and different ideas in composition with Wisconsin Artist Tom Uttech

How Composition Functions in Paintings with Tom Uttech
Saturday, March 22 | 1:00–4:00

In this studio by master painter Tom Uttech, explore unusual and different ideas that you may have never been exposed to before. Discover how content, expression, and communication are affected by the composition of elements used in painting. The studio will start by examining how the locations of visual elements within a painting can effect perceptions of how the painting feels emotionally. Uttech will break down several great paintings to see how these basic ideas were used. The artworks examined will include Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation and several Vermeer paintings.

Fee $50
Register by March 15 to 262.247.2276.
Must be a MOWA Member

Posted by: Museum of Wisconsin Art MOWA

Museum of Wisconsin Art MOWA
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