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Producer/Writer Seeks to Cast Individuals for New Dating Show | Creative Cougars, milwaukee dating, milwaukee singles, milwaukee artists

I am attempting to find two types of individuals to cast for my upcoming dating show that is being filmed here in Milwaukee. They are listed below:

I need men and women who are artists of any kind, ages 35-50. They must be looking to date and also do not have an issue with appearing on television.

My second group is ages 25-40, men and women alike. They must be willing to date the artists, knowing that they are 10 years plus older than them. In addition, they must be willing to participate in healthy competition to win their dates. Also, must be aware that a celebrity judge will be part of this endeavor. Those who are sociable, welcome being in the pubic eye and are spontaneous are encouraged.

Feel free to email me at if you wish to participate. Otherwise, I am conducting my first casting call this Thursday at Steny's Bar starting at six.

Posted by: Cindy Mich

Cindy Mich
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