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Screenprinting Workshop | Thursday, May 21, 5-8 p.m.

A terrific first venture into the world of printmaking, screenprinting is an incredibly adaptive medium that can be utilized on a variety of substrates including paper, fabric, glass, and more. Novice and beginner screenprinters are welcome to attend this monthly workshop to learn the basic techniques of screenprinting, including burning an image of your design onto a screen, the photo emulsion process, and printing. Ink, screens, emulsion, and side-by-side instruction are provided for participants to learn this process.

For participants who would like to further develop their own projects and work in our printshop on a more regular basis, RedLine offers open studio hours, available to Printshop Members. To learn more about our Printshop Membership, please visit the Printshop [http://www.redlineartmke.org/print-shop/] section.

Call (414) 491-9088 or email redline.education@gmail.com to register for this workshop.

Registration Fee | $36 member, $40 non-member

Registration Deadline | To reserve your spot for a workshop, we ask that you register no later than noon on the day prior to the workshop date.

To learn more about this workshop, please visit http://www.redlineartmke.org/calendar/introduction-to-screenprinting-7/

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