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Steamroller Printing Event | REALLY BIG Prints

REALLY BIG PRINTS!! A “Steamroller Printmaking Event” organized by Berel Lutsky – UW Manitowoc, Ben Rinehart – Lawrence University, and the Rahr-West Art Museum.

The City of Manitowoc has graciously donated the use of the steamroller (and driver) for a special 5-day printmaking event July 21- 25 2014 and agreed to mount an exhibit of the prints at the city’s Rahr-West Art Museum. Artists are invited to prepare and bring a large-scale relief matrix and print an edition of large relief prints. Accomodations are available in town or, you and your team can camp on the UW-Manitowoc grounds. Some materials will be provided during the event. The culmination of this project will be an exhibition of the prints at the Rahr West Art Museum for the month of August 2014 and then at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum through November 15, 2014.

Details for the Event
Dates: A maximum of 45 artists can be accommodated. Printing dates are July 21 - 25, 2014 (the 28th and 29th can be added if need be.) We will be printing under tents set up in the parking lot of the UW-Manitowoc campus. Inside studio space will be available for paper prep, print drying and print storage. Steamroller will be available from sun-up to sun down each day. Prep work/clean-up can continue as early or late as need be. Exhibit opening will be on Sunday, August 10, 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Full details and entry form here : http://manitowoc.uwc.edu/arts/gallery/special-exhibit

Posted by: Berel Lutsky

Berel Lutsky
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