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Watercolor: A Fresh Start Workshop | watercolor workshop and fundraiser

This workshop is designed for the absolute beginners and for looking for a refresher in basic watercolor techniques and/or introduction to wonderful wet-into wet techniques in transparent watercolors. Plan to bring your own art materials and lunches/snacks for the day. A suggested materials list will be sent in advance of the workshop.
Sat.-Sun. August 25-26, 2018, 10:00 AM-3:00 PM
(An installation by artist Evelyn Patricia Terry will be on display at the Mobile Design Box)

Unable to attend both days? We will let you register for just one day.
​Choose the one-day registration and Helen will contact you about
which day you plan to come and what you will need to bring.

This workshop is also a fundraiser, half the workshop profits going to support Terry's campaign to save an important Milwaukee art resource. Read about it at GoFundMe Rebirthing 53206


Posted by: Helen Klebesadel

Helen Klebesadel
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