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Yellow Presents: SoulCafeLive (Auditions) | You don't want to miss out on this live theatrical musical production

Yellow: Happy, Creative, Art is an upcoming musical imprint in the city of Kenosha and we're looking to build our creative team as we look to help expand the creative culture within our city.

"SoulCafeLive" is a theatrical musical production that you do not want to miss. This show will feature some of Kenosha's incredible talent featuring a special performance by Christopher LeMark.

Mixing today's music, original songs, with some old school timeless classics. Get ready for live instrumentation, theatrical moments that will truly present "Music for the Soul".

The Process:

To audition you must first have great confidence in yourself and know exactly what your talents are. We're looking for female/male vocalists, Poets/Rappers, Comedians, dancers or dance groups and models for live art. Each audition will be a closed session for each entertainer or group. Head shots & resumes are welcomed but not required but you must be on time

Ages: 12 & up

You will audition in front of a panel of four experienced judge's at Kenosha's Boy's & Girls club located in the Teen center theatre at 1330 52nd St. Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140.

Once you have been chosen you will begin mandatory rehearsals and the final show date is June 29th will be held @ Kenosha's Rhode Center of the Arts

Follow @SoulCafeLive on twitter and for more information log on to www.iamChristopherLeMark.com or email SoulCafeLive@Gmail.com

Note: Keep in mind that we're looking for artists for future performances and all acts must be professional and willing to work with a team
of others.

Posted by: Christopher LeMark

Christopher LeMark
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