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After School Arts Teachers- Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Dance | Seeking Proposals for After School Art Programs- Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Dance!

Call For Artists
Seeking Proposals for After School Art Program

Waukesha Community Arts Project (WCAP) is looking for working artists to teach our after school art programs for the following classes:
- Creative Writing (Monday)
- Visual Arts (Tuesday and Wednesday)
- Drama (Thursday)
- Dance (Friday)

WCAP is a nonprofit organization offering free after school art programs to middle school students. Our mission is to help adolescents reach their own potential by developing self-expression, creativity, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and community involvement through quality after-school art experiences.

The instructors will be responsible for planning the curriculum for an 8-10 week course in their chosen field. Curriculum level and subject matter should be appropriate for various skill levels of students in grades 6-8. Classes will meet once a week for Creative Writing, Drama, and Dance and twice a week for Visual Arts on the days listed above.

Each class should also have a community outcome at the end of the course such as a performance or gallery night with the help of other WCAP staff.

Instructors must attend class each week, as well as any additional rehearsals, performances, gallery nights, etc as needed depending on the class.

The hours will be either 3pm-6pm or 2pm-5pm on the designated class days plus one hour of prep time per class. The first sessions begin the week of September 25th. We are currently accepting proposals for courses to fill all sessions for the 2017-2018 school year.

Pay is commensurate with experience.

For more information, please email Page Remmers at wcartproject@gmail.com.

To apply please submit your resume along with a brief proposal including the specific topic you would like to teach, why you think it is relevant to middle school students, required materials and equipment, and any other information you feel is pertinent to the course you have in mind. Please also include what session or months you are available to teach the course.

Posted by: Emily Moritz

Emily Moritz
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