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Artisan book-making or book-binding assistance needed | help me create a 40th birthday gift for my wonderful wife!

Hello MKE artists! I am looking for an artist who creatively crafts books or journals. My wife turns 40 this year. I've asked her friends, family, and coworkers to contribute 6 words each to the "story" of her first 40 years. We're taking all of the 6 word contributions, stirring the pot, and crafting the biography of her first 40 years. It has been a lot of fun putting together the words. Now I need some help crafting the volume itself.

My hope is to find an artist who can take printed pages and assemble them as a book worthy of display and passing along to our children some day. The number of pages is likely between 20-30. The only "theme" I have in mind for it is "Trees" and "Treehugging", but I am really open to any creative ideas.

If this sounds like a project you can help with, please send me an email with your contact info, your lead time, photos of your work, and your commission rate.

Thank you for your help!

If you think you might be able to

Posted by: Rich Tobin

Rich Tobin
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