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Attention Filmmakers! We want to hear from YOU. | Take a break from making great films and participate in this brief survey.

Your thoughts will help us better the things we do. And it's ANONYMOUS, so, you know, be brutally honest!

Sure, Milwaukee Film celebrates local film by showing work made locally, but we also support local filmmakers with events during the festival and throughout the year and funding initiatives. To help us plan for how best to support you, we need to hear from all local filmmakers in our annual Filmmaker Survey. It’s online and, while it might take 10 or 15 minutes, will be well worth that time when we bring you that panel discussion or workshop you’ve been jonesing for!

Your responses are kept anonymous (although you’ll be able to opt in to hear from us about Filmmaker Services events if you want to) and we encourage you to be honest and detailed so we can provide you with the events and programs that will be most significant!

Fill out the survey online here: https://goo.gl/PzMoni

We’ll be collecting feedback using this form until June 30, so don’t delay!

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