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Call for Participants in Postcard Art Show! | Join us in a fun and unique art show!

Calling All Artists!

The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center (www.urbanartretreat.com) is currently accepting submissions for a postcard art show, With a Broken Wing: Women Surviving Oppressions. Now accepting submissions through February 20th.

We ask artists to mail a postcard to our gallery with art that expresses his or her opinions on the oppressions women have faced in the past and/or continue to face today. Any applied medium and/or written word is acceptable. All submissions will be displayed in the hallway of the Liz Long Gallery while another art show, Women's Contributions to History, will be running simultaneously.

If you are interested in participating, please mail your postcard to 1957 S. Spaulding Ave, Chicago, IL 60623.

Join our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/urbanartretreat) and help spread the word!


Posted by: Alexandra Congi

Alexandra Congi
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