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Calling Women Artists! | Now accepting submissions for two women art shows!

Attention Women Artists!

The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center is currently accepting submissions for two simultaneous art shows: "Women's Herstory" and "With a Broken Wing: Women Surviving Oppressions". These will run from February 15th - March 29th in our main exhibit space, the Liz Long Gallery at 1957 S. Spaulding Ave in Chicago.

About us:

Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center (CUARC) seeks to bring people together by offering socially impacting art, positive programs, creative workshops, women retreats and volunteer opportunities that can engage a community. To accomplish this mission, CUARC offers a safe retreat center that encourages artists, individuals young and old, to come and get involved in activities that are healing, creative and productive. CUARC believes that art can be utilized for positive change and artists themselves often inspire.

Visit www.urbanartretreat.com for more information.

"Women's Herstory"

We are now accepting proposed images for an exhibit showcasing subjects from women's history. The goal is to have women from all over the world participate in this exhibit and demonstrate the myriad of thematic qualities within female issues. For instance, when women received the right to vote in one or more countries, or the right to abortion, or when women could not own property, or famous figures like Marie Curie, or Madonna, or Malthi of Africa, or women as sex slaves throughout history, or how women marched separately in the march on Washington led by Dr. Martin Luther King, or who was Jane Addams and what was/is Hull House, or women's role in abolishing slavery in USA, or honor killings or removal of the clitoris and why & by whom, women's role in the family over the years, the glass ceiling, Rosie the Riveter- women's place in the work force during and after war time, women in government, women warriors, women doctors, women inventors, women leaders, etc. We hope that people who visit the show will leave with a better understanding of women's history.

Submission Guidelines:

Art, whether it be paintings, drawing, mixed media or sculpture, must be 32” or under. Women may send images of their art to be considered through January 12 via email. Actual art, once accepted to the show, must arrive at gallery before January 31. Submission guidelines include that you sign work on front, must be original work, must be your own work, prefer framed art, must be display ready, prefer wire on back or one hook in the exact middle, only title of piece and artist's name on back of art, include 2 copies of inventory sheet you create with your name and contact info at top with list of each piece of art in show with title/size/media/description/price or NFS. Sign your inventory sheets to indicate sending those pieces. Gallery will sign both sheets and mail one back to you upon receipt of art.

Also include a paragraph about each piece and a statement about the artist and your thoughts on women's history. Make sure paragraphs demonstrate how art relates to the theme of women's history. Artist is responsible for getting art to and from the gallery and any costs involved. Should your art sell, 70% of sale goes to artist and 30% goes to the non-profit organization- CUARC. Artist pays a daily fee of $10.00 for every day her art remains at gallery past April 1, 2014. This is firm, as there is no storage for art at the gallery. Please be considerate & meet deadlines. Those who send their art early will gain exposure for their art, as it will be used to publicize the show.

Will also include art that has been sent via email. (For those who do not send the actual artworks they want included, we will print out the images you send us and include them in the show via a notebook of 8X10 size pages once accepted). Please make sure images are 300 dpi. or better.

Videos about women's history from diverse communities are welcome for the video event associated with this art show.

Send actual art to gallery by January 30.

The Postcard Show --- "With a Broken Wing: Women Surviving Oppressions"

Women from around the world are invited to send postcards with their art expressing the oppressions women have survived throughout history and those women currently face. The postcards will all be displayed in the hallway gallery on our first floor for all to see! This space is just outside of the Liz Long Gallery where the "Herstory" exhibition will be running.

If you decide to participate, please mail your postcard to Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center, 1957 S. Spaulding Ave, Chicago, IL, 60623. We are accepting postcards now through Feb. 20, 2014.

Both art shows are free to enter and open to the public. There will be an accompanying art notebook of works that were sent via email but not in the show. Plus, on Saturday afternoons there will be a viewing of any videos submitted for the show.

While these shows are on view, the Women’s Caucus for the Arts Annual Conference will be held in Chicago this year. This is an exciting time to gain exposure while getting involved in a worthwhile event!

With permission from artists, we will post artwork from the exhibit on our website www.urbanartretreat.com.

For ongoing information, check out www.facebook.com/urbanartretreat.

Thank you and hope you can participate!

Posted by: Alexandra Congi

Alexandra Congi
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