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Cast for upcoming Web Series | Dark Superhero Web Series Seeking Actors

Roles available:
The Hero: Man, late 30s, no visible tattoos, average/athletic body type
The Wife: Woman, late 30s, (5'8" to 5'11"), dark hair
The Friend's Girlfriend: Woman, early 20s, (5'2-5'6"), blonde, able to be the bad girl.
The Police Chief: Man, 50s (ish), 6'0"+, imposing presence, decent physical shape.

What's the web series about?
What happens when a superhero hits a midlife crisis? Vince is having problems in both halves of his life, at home his marriage is crumbling, while 'on duty' he's been feeling not so super and his lack of confidence is painfully evident, even the city is losing faith. The tone will be dark with some comedic elements. I'm twisting those classic comic book archetypes into new interpretations to make it all more interesting. I didn't want stereotypical hero/villain roles.

Contact for more information.

The deal is that anyone involved in the pilot will get first shot at roles in the full series when it's made. The pilot is roughly 10-12 minutes so shooting should only take 4 days of which some roles will only be required for one day between Nov. 7th and the 13th.

Auditions and casting call November 4-5th 5-7pm each day
Location: Down & Over Pub (upstairs hall) 2535 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue

Posted by: Christophor Rick

Christophor Rick
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