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City art for exhibit "Cityscapes" | Right up your alley....

BDAAA will welcome any 2 or 3 dimensional works that compliment the topic of cityscapes. That could include: skyscrapers, alleyways, architectural elements, subways, airports, city transit, cafes, shopping centers, city dwellers, etc.

To be considered for exhibition, the city should be a major feature of the piece. Original artwork only. If you have a question about your piece(s), please contact Jessalyn Braun at (920) 885-3635 or at bdaaa@seippelcenter.com

All artwork should be dropped off
Sunday, August 23rd (12-4pm)
Monday, August 24th (4-7pm)

Find the registration form here:


Posted by: Jessalyn Braun

Jessalyn Braun
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