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Design Futurist Intern | Gain experience in the field of design while you enhance your portfolio.

Work with Discovery World Design Strategist to gain experience in the field of design, enhance your portfolio, and strengthen your resume to better position yourself for a career after graduation.
• Learn how innovation and design are taught in a public setting while you gain valuable customer service skills required in a professional setting
• Gain full access to the Kohl’s Design It! Lab and invitations to exclusive Master Series events
• Learn how to use professional equipment including vacuum formers, heat sealers, sample cutters, and laser cutters.
• Work closely with our Design Team to enhance your design portfolio

The Design Futurist Summer Internship Program provides high school, undergraduate, and graduate students with practical experience in public education, design and professional equipment. Design Futurists are given full access to the Kohl’s Design It! Lab twice a month during Studio Nights, in which they are taught how to use equipment including laser cutters, vacuum formers, and heat sealers to enhance their portfolios. Design Futurists are also invited to exclusive Master Series events throughout the year. Discovery World hosts approximately 20 Design Futurists in the summer in the Education Department. Participants may arrange for academic credit through their school, but it is not a requirement. Design Futurists must commit to two eight-hour shifts per month. The Design Futurist Internship is unpaid.

Required Commitment
High School Level: Two Days Per Month on Saturday or Sunday 10-5pm
Undergraduate Level: 16 Hours Per Week, 8 on the Weekend, 8 during the Week
Graduate Level: Determined by Applicant

o Educate visitors of Discovery World about the Kohl’s Design It! Lab through tool demonstrations on the promenade and throughout the exhibits
o Greet visitors to the Kohl’s Design It! Lab and seat them in the Kohl’s Design It! Quick Shop
o Teach visitors how to use a wide range of tools from basic hand tools to vacuum formers and communicate safety precautions associated with each tool
o Assist visitors of the Kohl’s Design It! Lab in creating projects to take home
o Recruit visitors to join the Kohl’s Design It! Club
o Recognize when visitors need extra assistance with certain projects and assist them as needed
o Assist our Design Team to deliver Kohl’s Design It! Workshops and act as an assistant in the lab
o Properly care for minor injuries (i.e. – cuts, burns) that may happen within the Kohl’s Design It! Lab
o Prep projects and materials for the Quick Shop
o Notify supervisor of any broken tools or malfunctioning technology within the lab and set them aside
o Be helpful, friendly, enthusiastic and responsive to all visitors of Discovery World and maintain a safe learning environment within the Kohl’s Design It! Lab

To apply, please download the application here and submit with references to by January 10, 2014.

Posted by: Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith
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