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Fine Artist needed for painting, drawing, sculpture for leadership conference marketing materials | Paint/Draw/Model your Future! Interactive painting as well, all expenses paid travel may be included to Savana, GA!

The Alliance for Children and Families, in Milwaukee, WI, is looking for a Fine Artist to create some art as the main visual theme for our Senior Leadership Conference marketing materials. The theme of the 2014 conference is "Paint your Future." The idea is that workers at child- and family-serving agencies paint their own futures using tools that we offer them. The senior leadership conference is the place where they can find all of those tools.

The idea is to have three different art pieces created with a similar look. So for example, a painting of a toolbox, a drawing of a toolbox and a sculpture of a toolbox. A toolbox is not the theme, it's just what I thought of to explain my idea. We are hoping the artist could help us come up with something that can be created in at least 3 different medium. The selected artist will create a painting, drawing, sculpture, and/or other media of something and use it on our marketing media to show our members that there are many tools in our toolkit that they can use to become better leaders.

There is a little money in the budget to pay someone (could be up to $500). The first project deadline is middle of August.

Please contact Steve Monsen, Lead Designer, at smonsen@alliance1.org or call 414-359-6572 if interested in this opportunity.

*the artist will get proper acknowledgement on all printed pieces.

Posted by: Steve Monsen

Steve Monsen
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