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MKE Follies: An Evening of Dance, Music, and Theatre | MKE Follies... You never know what you'll see next!

Attention Milwaukee Artists: Dance Revolution Milwaukee is proud to announce that we are producing another edition of MKE Follies!

This go-around will take place at 8:00pm on Saturday, September 28th 2013 at Theatre Unchained. DRM is seeking local artists to perform their work in the show... We are currently looking for actors, dancers, musicians, comedians, and more! In total, we will take 6-8 acts that encompass as much variety as possible.

To participate, artists, and their casts (if applicable), must be available at the following dates and times:
Friday, September 27th: Dress Rehearsal, 7:00pm
Saturday, September 28th: Call, 7:00pm; MKE Follies! 8:00pm

Our selection process is on a first-come, first-served basis. To make your interest known, simply email us at mkefollies@gmail.com ASAP with your name, form of art you would be presenting, and your contact information. You may also include any additional information you’d like us to know at this time.

For those artists selected to present work/perform in the show, there will be a small participation fee of $20 that goes to the rental of Theatre Unchained. At the end of this process, any profits made via ticket sales will be split evenly between artists.

For more details or questions, please email us at mkefollies@gmail.com.

Don’t delay! We hope to hear from you!
Katie and Karen

Posted by: Dance Revolution Milwaukee

Dance Revolution Milwaukee
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