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Momma Tried, Issue 3 Call for Artists & Writers | Momma Tried is now accepting submissions of writing, photography, and visual arts for our third issue!

An ad-free, print-only art publication with stockists from Chicago to Shanghai, Momma Tried is a magazine and an installation piece about print in the age of the internet, an impersonation of familiar media, and an outlet to address political issues through art and humor. We also exhibit a fair amount of non-heteronormative nudity.

Works that contain nudity or sexual themes are welcome, but not a requirement. We recommend reviewing past issues of the magazine before submitting. Please visit our website for submissions requirements.


Send all submissions to: submissions@mommatriedmagazine.com
Please send all other queries to: editor@mommatriedmagazine.com

Posted by: Micah Learned

Micah Learned
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