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Muralist - Request for Qualifications | Design & Produce a Mural in the Vibrant Clarke Square Neighborhood

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS: The Clarke Square Neighborhood Community Mural Project

The Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative (CSNI) and Keystone Property Management invite selected artists to submit qualifications for a mural to be created on the wall of a recently renovated property as a gateway to the Clarke Square Community.

The mission of the Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative is to improve the neighborhood and benefit community residents. CSNI is responsible for leading and coordinating the continued implementation of the Clarke Square Quality of Life Plan.

Clarke Square is a neighborhood of many riches. Above all, the people of Clarke Square fill the neighborhood with their talents, ambitions, and values. One of the most diverse communities in Milwaukee, it is home to Journey House, a community-based organization that helps move families out of poverty. The community boasts the Milwaukee County Mitchell Park Conservatory where visitors can enter the world's only beehive-shaped glass domes. César E. Chávez Drive, a commercial strip that forms the neighborhood's eastern border, draws Milwaukee's Latino community and others to shop, eat authentic Mexican food, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.


Design and produce a mural for the west-facing wall of the building at 2437 W. National Avenue.

Mural Area:
~3000 square ft. (28 feet tall x 110 feet wide)
*Note that this wall is an exterior wall with windows. It is West-facing.


The building wall faces the open parking lot of Govani’s Auto Body. The wall is easily seen by those walking or driving east on the heavily traveled W. National Avenue. The wall is made of brick. Murals may be painted directly on the surface, or painted on panels and affixed to the surface. The mural must be designed and painted to stand up to the elements, and the winter weather that is prevalent in Milwaukee.


It is anticipated that the mural will utilize themes relevant to Clarke Square, the South Side and Greater Milwaukee Neighborhoods. The following themes have been identified as especially poignant:
- Resilience of the Clarke Square Neighborhood
- Generational aspect of growth and community
- Growth of cultural diversity
- Puzzle pieces that fit together to form one community (if this option is utilized, mural panels are the preferred installation method and the possibility of an ever-changing panel/puzzle piece will be discussed)

The components of the work should relate to one another, be professional, colorful, and engaging.


All RFQ submissions will be reviewed by CSNI and up to three artists will be chosen to move forward in the process. The three selected artists will then submit the following items to be reviewed by stakeholders:

1. One page proposal statement about your design that includes the title and research you may have done on the characteristics of the neighborhood and background information about your art work;
2. A color sketch, noting scale (marking related dimensions), of your proposed imagery for the mural, including text that details the materials and weather proofing that you will be using, and whether or not the mural will be painted directly on the brick or installed on panels;
3. Project budget, which should detail all anticipated costs associated with creation and installation;
4. Self-addressed stamped envelope for return of materials (or they will not be returned)

The submissions will be presented at a meeting of stakeholders and open for comment.

A jury compromised of CSNI staff, Keystone Property Management staff, Clarke Square neighborhood residents and partners, and professional artists will review concepts and select the artist and concept for the project.

The selected artist will be required to meet with the jury and enter into a contract with CSNI to ensure that the project is completed on schedule, within budget, and according to the chosen proposal. Important: the selected artist will be asked, whenever and however possible to work with and transfer knowledge and technical skills regarding mural creation to local participants. It is anticipated there will be a core group of neighbors who opt to engage deeply with the process (from the pre-planning stages already complete, through mural completion and celebration/unveiling).


A budget of up to $4000 is available, which includes artist stipend and material costs. Payment will come through CSNI/Keystone Property Management when the mural is completed and inspected. A stipend for initial supplies/materials is available upon signed contract.


Postmark for deadline of submission of qualifications: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Notification of results of submissions: March 15, 2017

Concepts due to jury: April 7, 2017

Stakeholder meeting to review concepts: late-April 2017

Final artist and concept selection: late-April 2017

Painting and installation of mural: Early Summer 2017

Unveiling and community celebration: Mid-Summer 2017

Scope of Work

Artists who are selected to move forward in the process to design and install the mural will be expected to:

1. Become familiar with the Clarke Square Neighborhood, as well as the site specific to this proposal;

2. Complete all RFQ submission requirements, including the creation of a scale model of the proposed mural, material and installation plans, and a detailed budget. Budget should include all costs for materials and installation;

3. Design and install work on site with the help of neighborhood residents, including youth;

4. Grant permission to reproduce visual images of the artwork for promotional purposes.

Submission Requirements
Submit qualifications in one package, either by mail or in person, to:

Danielle Nabak
Project 10 (Health & Wellness) Facilitator
Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative
2110 W. Scott St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Qualifications package should include:

1. Professional resume and contact information

2. Examples of previous work: photos, high-quality color printer outputs, or disc file images (please indicate date, location, and owner of each submission)

3. At least three (3) references from past projects, with contact information

Questions about the RFQ process may be directed to:
Danielle Nabak 414-647-0548x113 / Danielle@clarkesquare.org

Posted by: Danielle Nabak

Danielle Nabak
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