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RelevantMilwaukee is looking for contributors | "Join the uplift!"

The word "relevant" derives from the Latin word "relevare" meaning "to raise or lift up, alleviate or free from a burden." Hence the name of my new online magazine RelevantMilwaukee (, launched in June 2016.

RM is looking for submissions from journalist, poets, artists, photographers, journalist/poets, artist/writers, etc., who believe that there are relevant, uplifiting people and programs and events in Milwaukee that are helping to lift up the community. RM is interested in hearing YOUR voice, IN your voice, in whatever STYLE makes sense to you.

Stories this summer have covered Juneteenth Day, Yoga For Peace, November Project, Connect 53212, Jazz in the Hood, the Coalition For Justice, Teens Grow Greens, and the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. How can YOU contribute to the uplift?

Posted by: Dominic Inouye ZIP MKE

Dominic Inouye ZIP MKE
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