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Short Films by Local Fim Makers | Your short films on the Big Screen at the Times and Rosebud Theaters

Hey Moviemakers!

Neighborhood Theater Group is officially ready to roll out our SHOW US YOUR SHORTS promotion!

The shorts will show between some ads in a reel we show before our regular features at both the Rosebud and the Times Theaters. All will be credited. The reel will run before all shows at both theaters and will run for two full weeks.

Here’s how to show us your shorts and keep informed about selections and awards:

1. Send your email contact to lindac@rosebudcinema.com – include SHOW US YOUR SHORTS in the subject line so we can add you to our official email list. You must be on the email list to participate.
2. You will receive an official submission / release form – fill it out and submit it with your work. Send us as many as you wish but each one needs fully filled out form.
3. You can email downloadable high resolution links with your forms to lindac@rosebudcinema.com or mail all completed materials to Linda Cieslik c/o Times Theater 5906 W Vliet St. Milwaukee 53208.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your shorts! Tell your friends and pass the word.

Posted by: Linda Cieslik

Linda Cieslik
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