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Social Media/Digital Storytelling Guru | Tell our story to the world!

The purpose of the Social Media/Digital Storytelling Guru is to create compelling stories about The School Factory, and to methodically share them with the world through a variety of online media.

This position will report to James Carlson, Executive Director of the School Factory. They will also work closely with Tim Syth, Director of Bucketworks (a member of the School Factory.)

Key qualities required for this position include:
+ Online media skills and photo management/basic video editing skills
+ Impeccable and professional verbal & written communication skills
+ Project & time management skills
+ Flexible & adaptable work schedule
+ Self-motivation

Duties include, but are not limited to:
+ Design & execute a series of stories and information “blasts” about the organization and its members. (Possession of your own laptop, digital camera, and/or filming equipment is greatly appreciated)
+ Leverage existing online tools (Facebook, Twitter, website, etc.) to methodically unveil this information and manage it through time.
+ Participate in & network with at least one “Schools for Communities” group of your choosing. (These groups meet at Bucketworks and you will serve as their liason with Bucketworks to help them grow and develop.)
+ Administrative “grunt” work: Filing, minor correspondence, light cleaning, etc.

Knowledge/Experience requirements: Facebook page administration, Twitter, Hootsuite, Flickr, Website content management systems (blogging, wiki), Tumblr, Linkedin. You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify.

In exchange for your service of 10-15 hours/week to this organization, you will receive:
+ Meaningful work supporting a unique community
+ School credit as available
+ Flexible work environment & schedule
+ Recommendation letter of your performance
+ Online portfolio of achievements and creations
+ Potential for future paid position based on your performance and that of the organization
+ Challenging real-world projects and experience

Position location: This position will work at Bucketworks, a member of the School Factory, located at 706 South 5th Street in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. To learn more about Bucketworks, visit: http://networkingwithbucketworks.tumblr.com/

How to apply: Please email your current resume, links to your public media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and 3 professional references we may contact to Meghan Koven at Meghan@bucketb.com.

About the School Factory: Founded over 10 years ago, this organization’s purpose is to overhaul the way human beings learn, work and create. There are 2 main elements to the organization:
1) Space Federation: 40+ (and growing) members across the US that operate collaborative/shared spaces for individuals & groups to work, play, teach, learn, collaborate and create. Bucketworks is an example here in Milwaukee.
2) Schools for Communities: Collaborative & nonconformist learning/teaching programs that can be hosted in any space and in which anyone can participate. Examples that are hosted in Milwaukee are: Web414, DrawCamp, Wordpress MKE, The World’s Stage

Posted by: School Factory, Inc.

School Factory, Inc.
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