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AMAZING SPACE - 10,000 square feet - TOP FLOOR | 400 feet of windows! Entire 3rd floor overlooking a personable neighborhood

For the first time in 40 years, the entire 3rd floor of "BUILDING 10" at Hide House is available for lease. Truly a rare opportunity!!

Ideal for a creative suite, professional office, dance/movement studio, light manufacturing / artisan fabrication, and you!

The Third Floor Space overlooks a personable neighborhood. This is the entire 100' x 120' floor plate, with large factory windows on all four sides. Ceiling height is 11' and the floor is serviced by a freight elevator (which can be upgraded to passenger). The building has a standard height loading dock and parking lot.

Base price is $3,600/mo. Hide House will work with tenant on improvements.

Visit the Hide House website for more information.
info@thehidehouse.com or 414-482-2200

Posted by: Gibson Bathrick

Gibson Bathrick
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