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Community Printshop & Papermaking Lab | Fully equipped studios are ready to use!

RedLine Milwaukee offers Open Studio to artists who would like to independently carry out their own projects.

To utilize the printshop and papermaking lab, artists must first attend a free Orientation in order to become acquainted with our shop policies and procedures. Artists also must purchase a Printshop Membership, which expires one year from purchase.

Upon completion of orientation, printmakers may elect to purchase blocks of time to utilize the printshop during RedLine’s open hours. Below is a pricing chart for shop use:

RedLine Open Studio Membership (renew annually) – $25

One 3-hour block – $20

Five 3-hour blocks (15 hours) – $80

Ten 3-hour blocks (30 hours) – $120

Blocks may be purchased at the door.

Please don’t hesitate to contact redlineprintshop@gmail.com or redline.education@gmail.com with questions. We love hearing from artists!

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RedLine Milwaukee
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