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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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Ready to donate straight away? Great!

Fill out this form to make your tax deductible gift today!

Want a little more information first?

Let us tell you more about why MARN is having our Spring Fundraising Drive.
MARN is a non-profit organization; this means we are here to serve you! MARN is very fortunate to benefit from grant funding. However, not all of our programs or operational costs are covered through grants. Here is a sample of how much it costs us to stay in tip top shape to support you:

$40 – One month of List Serve administration
$70 – One month of support for office administration
$250 – One month of rent for MARN office space
$300 – Cost for one Portfolio Review
$750 – MARNwriters annual recital
$1,000 – Honoraria for one MARNmentor
$2,000 – One year of MARNmovie programming
$10,000 – Staff support

WE want to say THANKS!


From April 25-May 31 donate at the $25 level or more and receive an earnest thanks from us!

$25 - a hand written thank you note from us and a high five.
$50 - the above plus a MARN sticker and 10% off any artwork at MARN.
$100 - all of the above plus recognition on our donors wall.
$250 - all of the above plus a beautiful piece of art by a MARN member.
$500 - all of the above plus waived fees for two MARNworkshops.
$1000 - all of the above plus two tickets for a tour of two local artists’ studios and a gourmet lunch with MARN Board President Pamela Anderson.

Thank you for your support, with your help we thrive! Any donation amount is much appreciated and has our undying gratitude.