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Artisan Gallery: Opening of three new exhibits

Date |

April 21

Time |

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue |

Artisan Gallery
6858 Paoli Rd

Info |

John S. Miller: The Spaces in Between Madison artist John S. Miller’s solo show will feature prints and paintings of the natural world that highlight his skill in multiple media. Attempting to depict what he knows, not just what he sees; Miller explores the territory between familiarity and understanding and the great spaces between those two ideas. Surface and Structure: Group show The artists in this group show share an interest in form and composition, creating refined work that focuses on texture and form; leaving evidence of the hand of the artist. Participating artists: Nathan Hatch, Maggie Jaszczak, Jay Jensen, Brian Kluge, Lauren Markley, Barry Newstat, Beth Novak, Ann Orlowski, Matt Repsher, Erica Schlueter, Zac Spates, and Diane Washa. In the Cooler: Swamp of Delusion – Meghan Sullivan Sullivan uses ceramic sculpture and projected images to reflect upon the ephemeral aspects of life, memory and memory loss. She explores these themes through the lens of Eastern philosophy. "Swamp of Delusion" is a reference to Krishna's description of the physical world in The Bhagavad Gita. In order to pass beyond this swamp, one must realize that our physical reality is temporary and we must attempt to have discipline and understanding in our actions.