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Cognitive Dissonance: The Artistic Expressions of Hanna Cole & Steven Bossler

Date |

October 19 - October 20

Time |

5:00pm - 2:00pm

Venue |

CannedBeatz Art Space
2435 W. National Avenue

Info |

Psychologist Lance Festinger describes "Cognitive Dissonance" as a mental discomfort experienced by holding contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. This exhibition is a juxtaposed representation of two artists’ creations, paired together to transport the viewer out of their comfort zone and provoke a new pattern of thought. Both native to Wisconsin, Steven Bossler received his B.A. in illustration from MIAD in 2006 while Hanna Cole is currently pursuing her BFA with an emphasis in sculpture and glasswork from UW-Madison. These two accredited artists also share a passion for using their art to open eyes and imaginations while creating the desire to question simple behaviors and personal opinions. This exhibition, representing cognitive dissonance, presents with the suggested understanding that we all have an inner drive to hold our opinions, attitudes and behaviors in harmony in order to avoid tension, discomfort and cacophony. However, the inconsistency, or dissonance, which is often observed between attitudes and behaviors forces the need for a change in our thought pattern in order to eliminate the conflict, or dissonance. Through the artistic expressions of Hanna Cole and Steven Bossler, this show will open the door for that change by provoking thoughts that move the mind in diverging directions, aiming to lead the viewer to novel ideas and solutions.