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Opening: Zac Spates, Karl Borgeson, and Impressionism

Date |

January 12

Time |

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue |

Abel Contemporary Gallery
6858 Paoli Rd

Info |

Karl Borgeson and Zac Spates: New Work in Clay Both Wisconsin artists create functional ceramics relying on simple, refined forms with a restrained color palette. Spates wheel-thrown and altered pottery allows the wood-firing technique to decorate the surface of his pots. Borgeson creates subtle abstract patterns in the glazing of his work influence by his travels to West Africa and Indonesia. Impressionism: The artists included in this group show follow in the tradition of 19th century painters working spontaneously to capture the human perception of the changing landscape through use of natural light, animated brushstrokes and expressive color. Artists include Chris Gargan, Diane Washa, John Ribble, Mary Ulm Mayhew, and George Shipperley. Gargan, known for his expressive use of color, resides in the country outside of Mt Horeb where he finds inspiration for his exuberant oil paintings. Ribble lives in Madison but spends his days driving around the rural areas of our state to complete his works in chalk pastel. His mastery of this delicate material is even more impressive considering he is exposed to the elements while working. Diane Washa uses the landscape as a jumping off point for her more expressive and abstracted oil paintings. Ulm Mayhew of West Bend, WI masterfully controls her oil paints whether depicting landscapes, figures, or still life’s. Shipperley lives and works in Aurora, Il and is well known for the unique techniques he employs in his distinctive oil pastel paintings.