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Roberta Condon and Claudette Lee-Roseland

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Date |

March 22 - May 3

Time |

4:30pm - 7:00pm

Venue |

Plymouth Arts Center
520 E Mill Street

Info |

Join us for the opening reception of "Spring Reflections" a brand new art show at the Plymouth Arts Center featuring the artwork of Roberta Condon and Claudette Lee-Roseland. The reception will be held at the Plymouth Arts Center on Friday, March 22 from 4:30 to 7:00pm. Live musical entertainment will be provided by Brittany Seifert and Beth Munns. There will be complimentary appetizers and desserts. Admission is Free. The show will run through May 3rd. Spring Reflections is sponsored by Margaret Wittkopp owner of Veritas Financial Services and Wittkopp Funeral and Cremation Services. About the Artists: Claudette Lee-Roseland’s joy of creation leads her to produce layered abstracts that have mystery in the lines and shapes. She said, “I make art because it provides a place for my creative, busy mind to play. I love to draw and have taken the act of coloring to a new level in my life. I have been hooked on art since my first box of crayons. My house is filled with original paintings-all reminding me of the people I know that painted them. The best part is when someone else enjoys my paintings as much as I do. Art involves a two-way process, the painting and the viewing. The painter begins and the viewer completes the process.” Claudette has been creating art and teaching art for more than 25 years. Visit Claudette’s website: Roberta Condon is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America. Her works are featured in her own gallery in Portage, as well as in national shows. Roberta said, "Pastel, pure pigment... painting with hands with nothing between me and the medium which is directly transferred to paper. French makers of the finest pastels go into works of art that abstract nature, or express pure abstraction. The brilliance and the buttery quality of the pastel stick allow the works to blaze like the sun in bright shades, or form murky pools of grayed down shades of subtlety. Hard Edges...soft edges...trees...branches...color. Painting from memory, images of shores, and sand or skies fractured by bright sunshine, or bouncing light off water. Look to the natural view, and take it to it's purest form while using the purest form of pigment available is a creation of joy for me. A place where time itself is lost. When I engage in fiber arts I am creating something, but I'm also participating in historic traditions thousands of years old. I'm not only making art for my own and future generations, I am embodying the work of my ancestors. Folklore is passed mouth to mouth. Folk Art is passed hand to hand. Pine needle and grass coiling into baskets has been in existence since the time of man. My extensive study with the Gullah Geechee in the barrier islands off the Georgia Coast, and a master coiler North in the barrier islands of Virginia imbue the work with a deep tradition yet the forms move outside tradition to embrace a new definition of basketry and vessels, stretching the traditional forms and materials to embrace contemporary meanings. Found Items... pieces from the forest and desert floor, and the flowing current and eddies of the rivers influence the work as they have influenced my life...past, present, and future evidenced in all."