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Three New Shows

Date |

April 20 - June 3

Time |


Venue |

Abel Contemporary
6858 Paoli Rd.

Info |

Opening Reception from 5-9pm on April 20th for Three New Exhibits: Jonathan Wilde and Craig Clifford: Birds and Boundaries Established Wisconsin artists, Jonathan Wilde and Craig Clifford, will present a sampling of their latest creations. Wilde’s perceptive renderings of local landscapes and fauna in oils delve into our relationships and connections with the natural world. Clifford is fascinated with the boundaries that attempt to delineate “high” and “low” art, using unconventional glazing and slip casting methods to demonstrate the liminality and dichotomy of design and art in complex and layered works. Group Show: Reduction Featuring works by S.V. Medaris, Matt Repsher, Ryan Myers, Barry Newstat, Paul Jeselskis, Andy Rubin, Jenie Gao, Liz Pechacek, Nick Wroblewski, Brandon Norsted, Tommy Frank and Chandra DeBuse this exhibit explores the process of creating through removal. Be it the ceramicist shaping a solid mass of clay into a hollow vessel or the printmaker carving away negative space to form a positive image, Reduction will celebrate the handmade and the marks left in the process. In the Cooler: Masquerade by Kay Myers Masks have been created by cultures and civilizations for millennia, worn for ritual, spiritual, and performative purposes; a pan global phenomenon which allows the wearer to take on the persona, powers, and guise imbued by the mask’s creator. This group show, curated by Kay Myers, explores mask-making today and how masks tell stories as well as alter, enhance, or disrupt our appearances. Please join us for a special opening in collaboration with Elder Pine Media for a photo shoot during Masquerade. Wear your own special mask or ask to try one on from the show! All photos taken at the opening will be displayed for the duration of the show.