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On Hands

Red Crane Films - On Hands


Choosing convenience over satisfaction, we have succumbed to using technology in many aspects of our daily lives. This feature-length poetic film evokes a sense of the haptic, by documenting the work of makers whose essential tools are their hands. The subjects in the film insist that an intuitive, obsessive, and committed use of their hands brings them a primal satisfaction and an emotional sustenance that goes beyond our conventional understanding of the world.


In a time when our experiences of the world are mediated through technology, this introspective, poetic film focuses our attention on an essential and tactile way of understanding it. By documenting the work of makers, this feature length project explores the satisfaction they derive from working with their hands.

View a trailer from the film.

Director's statement: I had many conversations with the subjects in the film as I documented their process. I expected this journey to be an affirmation of what I know — that there are benefits to working with your hands, but it offered unique revelations, such as the idea that things that seem to be tedious, repetitive and hard to the eye can also be healing and have a meditative effect for the maker.


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Please contact Red Crane Films if you have any questions or suggestions for the project. Your support and participation will enhance their efforts as they develop an important dialogue on the health of our cities.

Read more about Red Crane Films and filmmaker Laj P. Waghray.

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