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Searching for Sparrows

A Red Crane Films Production

Searching for Sparrows is a documentary in post-production stage to address the issue of disappearance of sparrows as a consequence of urbanization in Hyderabad, India.

Our film Searching for Sparrows will investigate and document the reasons birds have disappeared from my hometown, the city of Hyderabad, India, which grew from a population of around 3 million in 1991 to approximately 9 million in 2013. We will delve briefly into the history of the city to better understand the dramatic transformation of Hyderabad from a laid-back town to the bustling metropolis it is now.

Because birds are a vitally important component of a healthy city’s ecosystem, their absence from Hyderabad is significant. Their survival has been threatened by some of the consequences of urbanization, such as dangerous overuse of pesticides, increased traffic noise, and shrinking lakes -- all of which can also affect the human population.

We will meet bird watchers, farmers who are using organic methods to farm, local citizens who are revitalizing lakes, and people who are addressing issues of urban traffic, noise pollution, and construction. Their efforts are having a positive effect on the bird habitats. This film will not only showcase current efforts in Hyderabad, but it also aims to contribute to ongoing discussions about conservation and reclamation with regard to rapid urbanization around the world.

Contact the Creative

Please contact Red Crane Films if you have any questions or suggestions for the project. Your support and participation will enhance their efforts as they develop an important dialogue on the health of our cities.

Click here to read more about Searching for Sparrows, Red Crane Films and filmmaker Laj P. Waghray.

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