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Think Inside the Box

This project is now complete but we wanted to leave it up as an example of something you could see as to how they can be handled.

Hi - My name is Jeanne Nikolai Olivieri, and I’m doing a MARN microfellowship! This is a fundraising campaign for my new installation piece, Think Inside the Box.

I’m very excited about this new project, and will need help from all of you to finance its creation. My goal is to raise $5,200 and I will reward your generosity with one of my paintings. Any amount of donation is welcome! If all goes well, the project will be finished and installed for July Gallery Night!

Donate to me by clicking "Support this Artist" at this link: https://www.artsinmilwaukee.org/profiles/253/

Please support Think Inside the Box! Support Art! Support the creative spirit of Milwaukee!

Think Inside the Box 

As an artist, I am constantly putting my work “out there.”  This can be both liberating and daunting. There is the little bothersome doubt in the back of my head, the overheard critique of a stranger at an opening, or an unexpected visitor to my studio offering suggestions and “shoulds”. While I often enjoy painting and creating in public and value critiques and opinions, to truly stretch my boundaries, take chances, and liberate ideas, it is necessary for me to take a break from outside influences and focus on expression without diversions, opinions and interruptions. 

When I need to let loose my innermost thoughts and ideas free of vulnerability, I go into my “zone,” with the door closed, music on, outside distractions and diversions silenced. Here I can think clearly, plot, plan, experiment, throw paint, write wild and crazy ideas, meditate, and prepare for return to the outside world with a renewed sense of creative strength and artistic enlightenment.

I intend to share creative freedom with others through my new project Think Inside the Box.  It will be composed of three distinct intimate box environments:  the Lounge, designed to spark new ideas; the Drawing Room, a warm and comfortable space; and the Retreat, a peaceful and organic environment.  They will be safe places where thinkers, writers, visual artists, and risk-takers can tangibly express their innermost thoughts and creative ideas without fear of judgment. All are welcome and there are no requirements.  Confessions can be made, stories can be told, or participants can simply sit quietly to think or meditate.  Visitors are encouraged to sketch, draw, dream, and communicate their secret selves inside the Box.

Sketching and writing materials will be provided to visitors who choose to record and share their thoughts and ideas on paper. These expressions can be signed or remain anonymous. Works will then be collaged to the walls inside of the Boxes as a testament to our secret selves and to what, as creative humans, we choose to share with others.

The initial Think Inside the Box installation will be erected in my studio and serve as a prototype.  The ultimate goal is to build transportable structures that can be reconstructed and shared with others at museums and art centers.

Update: Jeanne has now completed her boxes and has had many patrons through her studio! I encourgage you to stop by her studio and "Think Inside The Box!" and  if you havent already donated to this great project I encourage you to take part in this fantastic endevor as it has sparked community interest and will be featured at Doors Open Milwaukee (On Broadway and Michigan at Door Open Headquarters on September 17th!) Lasty, as this project has gained in popularity The Shepard Express has a great article and interview with Jeanne which you can read here:http://shepherdexpress.com/tag-0-1-Think%20Inside%20the%20Box.html


DONATE from June 10 through September 30th

Donors of $50 to $99 will receive a 3 x 4-1/2” matted original watercolor painting. Donors who give $100 - $199 will receive an original 5 x 7” inch watercolor painting. Donations of $200 to $299 will receive an 8 by 10” watercolor painting. Donors of over $300 will be given an evening studio tour with wine and nibbles for six, and an 8 by 10” original watercolor. Any amount of donation is welcome!