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  • “Milwaukee Skyline Platter”Milwaukee Skyline Platter

    16 inch Platter with Lakefront view of the Milwaukee Skyline. Hand-carved through layers of colored clay slip. Madison, WI Skyline available as well.

  • “Custom Award plates”Custom Award plates

    These plates were created for Milwaukee Downtown's Achievement Awards 2018.

  • “Milwaukee Skyline Vases”Milwaukee Skyline Vases

    Milwaukee Lakefront Skyline, hand-carved through layers of colored clay slip. Can be custom made and personalized for corporate gifts

  • “Dia De Los Muertos Platter”Dia De Los Muertos Platter

    16 inch Plater with hand-carved sugar skull design with painted inlay.

  • “Space Guy Large Serving Platter with Handles”Space Guy Large Serving Platter with Handles

    Approximately 16 inches wide, not including handles. 2 inches deep.

  • “White Fern Set of 3 Serving Bowls”White Fern Set of 3 Serving Bowls
  • “White fern kitchen utensil holders”White fern kitchen utensil holders
  • “Space Guy Children's pottery set”Space Guy Children's pottery set

    Bowl, plate and mug sized for kids. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • “Handyperson Dinnerware set”Handyperson Dinnerware set

    Dinner plate, bowl and mug set. Dishwasher and microwave safe

  • “Butterfly Serving Dish with Handles”Butterfly Serving Dish with Handles

    Approximately 9.5 inches across, not including handles. 2 inches high. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Not for baking.

  • “Kids Cups”Kids Cups

    I make a variety of kid sized pottery mugs. Kids love having their own special mug or children's set!

  • “Monkey Children's Set”Monkey Children's Set

    Small plate, bowl and mug. Monkey pattern

  • “Monkey Platter”Monkey Platter

    13.5 inch platter with Monkey Design

Jean Wells

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Jean's Clay Studio
Brown Deer, WI 53223

(414) 651-0508
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artist bio

Jean's Clay Studio
Contemporary Stoneware Pottery - Enhancing Your Daily Rituals

Hand made in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Potter since 1993

artist statement

Distinctive, Fun, Easy to Use

Stylized designs are carved onto each piece by a process called sgraffito, or slip-carving. After the piece is thrown on the wheel and trimmed, a layer of colored clay called slip is brushed on to the surface. Once the slip has been allowed to dry slightly, I hand draw the design through the slip to remove the colored layer. No stamps or stencils are used.
White Stoneware, dishwasher and microwave safe.
Custom work for personal gifts and corporate awards.