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  • “What the”What the

    from the series, Book Passages: A Visual Journey 2009

  • “Hello Farewell”Hello Farewell

    from the series, Book Passages: A Visual Journey 2009

  • “Glam Slam”Glam Slam

    from the series, Book Passages: A Visual Journey 2009

  • “Evolutionary Teething”Evolutionary Teething

    from the series, Book Passages: A Visual Journey 2009

  • “Gestation #115”Gestation #115

    from the series, Gestation 2011

  • “Gestation #57”Gestation #57

    from the series, Gestation 2011

  • “Aspects of Error and Illusion”Aspects of Error and Illusion

    from the series, Book Passages: A Visual Journey 2009

William Zuback

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William Zuback
Milwaukee, WI
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artist bio

1964 Born in Milwaukee, WI
1985-1988 Brooks Institute
Santa Barbara, CA., Bachelor of Arts degree

William Zuback began his career as a professional photographer in 1988 after graduating from Brooks Institute, in Santa Barbara, California. He has been making his living as a professional photographer ever since, currently managing the studio for a magazine and book publishing company in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Inspired by the classic album covers of the 1960's and 70's, Zuback has been creating conceptual/staged contemporary photographs for exhibition since the late 1990's. His narratives generally deal with issues of family and identity, in an often surreal style.

Zuback's work can be found in private collections through out the country. He has participated in many Juried group exhibitions and solo shows in Southeastern Wisconsin. Zuback has curated the exhibition, Madonna & Child: Interpreted, 2011 for Gallery H2O, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and co-curated the exhibition, What She Said: Wisconsin Photography Now, 2012 for Effjay Projekts gallery in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Zuback often considers or describes himself as a fly on the wall. Always in a state of observation, testing the surroundings, and at times participating. His goal as a fine art photographer is to take those observations and life experiences and create visual statements that really become a mirror for the viewer. When people view Zuback's photographs, he would like the viewer to come away feeling visually satisfied but intellectually curious.

artist statement

When I create my photographs I am reminded that everyone comes to life experiences differently. I would like the viewer of my work to come away feeling visually satisfied but intellectually curious. I feel most successful when I've connected with the viewer on an emotional level but left room for interpretation.

My fine art work is driven by the narrative but enhanced with the technical story telling abilities of the photographic process. A glint of highlight, how I bring out the texture on a certain object or how re-cropping the image in the viewfinder, can turn an average image into an extraordinary one. These are the little victories that fuel my desire as a visual story teller. I find each of my photographic themes a journey of discovery and learning. I enjoy new paths that challenge my comfort zone. Whether I'm pushing those boundaries with the subject matter or the material or technique that I am using, it is always more about the journey and not the final destination.


“Bill, What an extremely fun shoot! Can't wait to be in your coffee table book! Thank you for letting me be involved! ”
“You really are a doll. Thanks so much for all your hard work, it really makes my day, well, month actually, I haven't had a shoot this rewarding since I worked with T.H.! ”
Sonya Diadorus
“Thanks Bill. You were a pleasure to work with yesterday. It was easy to prepare since I had a great idea from you about the type of images you were trying to create and I always enjoy shoots with great themes. I'm so excited because I know that whatever you decide to process is going to have a great story to it and look awesome in my port!”
Allison Jorgensen